454 Casull Ammunition
The .454 Casull ammunition was designed as a large bore hunting round for handguns, and has been viewed as the predecessor to other large bore handgun cartridges. Although not as powerful as some of its offshoots, the .454 Casull is more than sufficient to take any North American game
Shooting the .454 Casull Cartridge
The .454 Casull Ammunition is not the right ammunition for everyone. Because of its sheer size and power, novice shooters should take caution, especially if they have small frames. But with practice and proper safety protocol, most seasoned shooters can handle this big bore round, even with its powerful punch.

When considering the power of the .454 Casull, it’s not just the size of the bullet shooters are contending with. The Casull is loaded with a lot of powder, and that heavy bullet travels out of the muzzle at a supersonic speed, with massive amounts of power and pressure behind it. To say that this creates a strong recoil is an understatement. Recoil of the .454 Casull is almost five times greater than the .45 Long Colt. And compared to a .44 Magnum, the recoil of the Casull is about 75 percent greater.

That’s a whole lot of force on wrists and hands, especially for women and seniors. But don’t fret, there is a solution – shooters can easily practice with lighter loads, specifically the .45 Long Colt. In the same way that .38 Special ammo can be fired from revolvers chambered for the .357 Magnum (and .44 S&W Special rounds can be shot from .44 Magnum revolvers), those looking for a lighter load can use .45 Long Colt ammo in lieu of .454 Casull when shooting revolvers designed for the latter round. Also, shooters can opt for .45 Schofield ammunition instead of .454 Casull, both popular options for both comfort and economics.

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