22 Long Rifle Ammo Uses & History
In terms of units sold and fired, .22 Long Rifle ammunition is the most popular firearm cartridge in the world. Introduced in 1887, the .22 LR is a classic that is useful for small game and varmint hunting, target shooting, and many other purposes. Self-defense is a notable exception; while .22 LR ammo is certainly deadly, it lacks the power and penetration necessary to stop a threat immediately and consistently. The 22 LR’s low felt recoil, cheap cost, and low muzzle report make it a great choice for high volume recreational use and new shooter training.

22 Long Rifle

2000 Rounds of .22 LR Ammo by Aguila – 38gr CPHP


22 Long Rifle

500 Rounds of .22 LR Ammo by Armscor – 40gr


22 Long Rifle

5250 Rounds of .22 LR Ammo by Winchester – 36gr


22 Long Rifle

5550 Rounds of .22 LR Ammo by Winchester – 36gr

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